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MTN Introduces Electronic Voucher Distribution Denomination Change To Prevent Price Disparity



MTN Ghana has introduced an Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD) Denomination Change to enable pre-paid customers who purchase airtime from retailers to receive the same value purchased.

The EVD Denomination change initiative will prevent retailers from overcharging customers for purchasing electronic credit transfer. MTN customers can visit any EVD vendor (credit transfer agent) to purchase airtime and the same amount will be electronically transferred to the customer.

Following the implementation of the EVD Denomination Change, credit transfer can only be purchased from 0.5ghc and in multiples of Ghc1 up to Ghc500. The system will not allow retailers to reduce the value of the airtime and charge customers more for it.

Commenting on the initiative, the Chief Sales and Distribution Officer of MTN Ghana, Shaibu Haruna said “As a customer-centric company, we are committed to providing distinct customer experience in every facet of our business. This issue of EVD price disparity has been a challenge and impacted our customer experience especially when MTN stopped printing recharge vouchers due to the COVID-19 pandemic”.

“We have our customers at heart, and we are always working to find innovative solutions that address issues that pose a challenge to them. We strongly believe the introduction of the EVD Denomination Change will prevent over pricing and reduce EVD pricing complaints”. He added.
MTN cautions vendors against charging extra fees for EVD transactions because their fees are already built into the system and encourages customers to insist on the amount they purchase. Customers should call either the Call Cantre toll-free number 100 and complain or visit any of the MTN centres to report any incidents of over-pricing.

Any MTN customer who purchases airtime via EVD enjoys 50% bonus on every recharge which can be used for both On-Net and Off-Net activities.

The Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD) popularly known as “Credit Transfer” in the Ghanaian market allows customers to top up (recharge) their accounts electronically for voice calls, data bundles or SMS. MTN Customers can visit any EVD vendor (credit transfer agent) to purchase any desired airtime.








Media Contacts:
Nana Kofi Asare
Ag. Chief Corporate Services Officer

Georgina Asare Fiagbenu
Corporate Communications Senior Manager


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