MTN Provides Orientation For Over 150 Tailors and Dressmakers



About 150 members of the Ghana National Tailors and Dressmakers Association (GNTDA) from the Ahodwo Branch On Monday morning received basic training from officials of MTN Ghana on how to keep a simple accounting ethic in their scheme of work.

The group members were also educated on how to use the internet to market their designs and clothing.

Today’s orientation formed part of the 21 days of volunteer work by MTN officials and staff which is popularly termed ‘Yellocare”.

Other areas the GNTDA members had education on were customer care and book keeping as well as the use of other applications on the MTN network for business and insurance purposes.

MTN Senior Official:

Speaking to the media, the Senior Manager, Regional Sales-MTN Northern Business District, Simon Amoh said the business landscape had changed and demanded innovation from those who have skills or training in something they are marketing.

‘’Businesses have moved on and those who are thriving in this current world have knowledge in technology in addition to the skills they are marketing’’, the MTN official stated.

He noted that business owners should in addition to the skills they have, should also have at their fingertips basic ways of accounting for their work.

The MTN Official urged business owners as well as the GNTDA members to cultivate the art of treating their customers well and said in so doing they would maintain those they have and get more clients due to the quality of service they may be giving to their old customers.

Staff Activity:

Staff of MTN drawn from branches in Kumasi and other areas took time to assist the members of the GNTDA to access some data services and applications on the MTN platform.

They also took them through book keeping methods as well as basic accounting techniques.


Chairman of the GNTDA Ahodwo branch, Nicholas Amissah said the group was grateful to MTN for the orientation and training.

He noted that some customers are demanding and at times difficult to please but added that the training had opened their eyes on how to treat each customer that comes their way.

Emmanuel Dalongo, Training Coordinator for the GNTDA thanked MTN for the training but appealed to the company and government to provide some support to the association so they can set their apprentices up for business when they complete their years of service.

‘’Sometimes we are unable to get places to set up those who learn from us and we plead that the government and MTN get us a place at the Wood Village at Sokoban and create an enclave for us’’, Mr Dalongo.

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