Nana Akufo-Addo has already surrendered to the next leader:Dr. Lawrence writes



Does anybody know the direction Ghana is going now? Is there any institution in Ghana that is working now, except the Office of the Special Prosecutor, which is also playing with the minds of Ghanaians.

The soul and spirit of Ghana were gone when the President admitted that there are still difficulties but the next leader will get us out of the difficulties. The next leader will come on January 7, 2025, all things being equal. So what are you expecting from this Nana/Bawumiah government between today and January 2025?

This is why I agree with Nana Yaa Jantuah, the CPP Gen. Secretary, when she said whoever is supporting Bawumiah does not love Ghana. In other words, those supporting Bawumiah want the continues destruction of Ghana. Those people are up there and don’t feel the pain and suffering of the Ghanaian, who is struggling to eat one or two meals a day.

Some weeks ago, the Chairman of the NDC, Hon. Asiedu Nketiah suggested the formation of a medical board to examine the mind of Nana Addo to see if he is still fit to be the President. His call looks like a joke but if Nana Addo can say just five days ago at the Ghana Bar Conference that his government has taken the boldest initiatives to curb corruption since independence, then Asiedu Nketiah’s call should be taken seriously. Is it not this President who was personally involved in one of the biggest scandals in the country that caused Martin Amidu to refer him as the “Mother serpent of corruption?”

The President has given up on Ghanaians so if you are a chief and you are invited for a sod cutting for a hospital or road in your area, please know that the government is toying with you. If you are a Ghanaian hoping that between now and 2025, this government is going to perform some miracle to get you out of your hardships, please stop praying. It’s not going to happen.

What did Nana Addo mean when he said the next leader will be the one to get us out of these difficulties? So, what will he be doing between now and 2025? Will he just be going to conferences and meetings and deliver speeches that Joyce Bawah Mogtari will describe as “Outright Useless?” If you voted for Nana Addo in 2016, have you seen how he has waisted the 7 precious years of your time?

Those calling on Hon. Ken Agyapong to step down for Dr. Bawumiah should stop their nonsense before the Ghanaian anger overflows. If that happens, we shall have no Ghana.
Mahama reba.

Dr. Lawrence is the Founder of the Diaspora Progressive Movement in USA

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