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2022 Christmas Festive Postponed-W/R NDC’s Nat Andoh 

Nat Andoh  ,NDC TEIN TTU Vice President and  a member of  Western Regional Communication team has said that ,the 2022 Christmas Festive has been postponed due to financial problems and skyrocketing inflation rate.
He continued that,the  increases in prices of housing, electricity and fuel have pushed Ghana’s inflation rate to hit 50.3% for the month of November 2022.
In a statement copied to Broadcastergh. com this morning he indicated, November’s inflation rate is a significant increase from the 40.4% recorded for October 2022.
This was captured in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) data released by the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS).
Per the data, food inflation hit 55.3%, from October’s rate of 43.7% and Non-food inflation also shot up by 7.2% to 46.5% in November 2022.
The consumer price index, which measures a wide basket of goods and services rose to 0.3% percentage points month-on-month.
“This is the highest figure recorded in 27 years.
Five groups – Housing, water, gas, electricity and other (79.1%); Furnishings, household equipment (65.7%); Transport (63.1%); Personal care, social protection and miscellaneous services (56.3%) and Food and Non-alcoholic beverages (55.3%) registered inflation rates higher than the national average.
For food inflation, eight sub-classes recorded inflation rates higher than the national average.
They include water (93.2%); milk, other diary products and eggs (75.4%); fruit and vegetable juices (73.1%); sugar and confectionary and desserts (70.0%).
Will we be able to celebrate this Christmas with this unprecedented inflation rate unless we postpone it sad.”He disclosed.
He however described Christmas as an annual sacred Christian holiday that commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, the spiritual leader and founder of Christianity. While many people celebrate Christmas to honor Jesus’s birth, it’s also celebrated as a cultural holiday across the globe.
“There are many ways to show your love for others during the holiday season, and giving gifts is a popular one. The tradition of gift-giving is said to be a reminder of the gifts the three wise men brought to the baby Jesus.
Source: /Ayisah Foster

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