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My uncle once told me they could pick little pieces of gold on the ground back then in Kotokuom when they were kids. I also read a story of South Africans hunting birds with diamonds. Today, you have to dig deep to find these treasures, so are men.

Good people are equally difficult to find now. If you have one, appreciate it, never think they don’t have anything to do with their time.

Back in the days when we walked to school, you could enter any house on your way home and ask for water and you would be served joyfully. Today you will be told pure water is 40 pesewas and the bottled one is 2 cedis. This is how our politics have also been commercialised. Brothers can no longer stand with you the moment they see something being offered.

In the good old days, all that a child needed for Christmas was a new dress and a new pair of shoes with some paper hats. The aroma of chicken or goat on fire, could tell you food will be served soon even if it wasn’t from your mother’s kitchen. Christmas was a community thing, and no child went to bed hungry. Unfortunately, Politics is introducing selfishness, greed and bitterness.

If in abundance a servant is pale, then there is more to it than meets the eye !!!

We can make our politics a better place not just by dealing with hate, selfishness and greed, but by acknowledging and appreciating the good people who come our way. Let the world know good people are still around.

Sometimes, the use-and- dump by politicians informs the mindset with which others come close. There is a popular proverb in Ga that says, when a hunchback is being buried, another hunchback will be watching.

During my campaign, I met some selfless and wonderful people who went the extra mile for me. The heart of such people can not be broken.They need a reason to believe being good and faithful is right. Let the victory be a victory for all. There are surely better days ahead.

Kun fa yakun

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