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Reduce fufu and kenkey sizes, replace with fruits and vegetables – Dr. Arthur Kennedy


A United States-based Ghanaian practicing medical doctor, Dr. Arthur Kobina Kennedy has counselled Ghanaians on their health and well-being.

Dr. Arthur Kennedy in a New Year message on December 26 to Ghanaians, advised that the huge sizes of carbohydrate meals such as kenkey, ‘banku’, ‘fufu’ and ‘akple’ should be reduced for more consumption of fruits and vegetables.

He said excessive alcohol intake must also be cut down adding that Ghanaians should be cautious about the use of illegal drugs.

“In our contest, we must also watch our diet. The size of the ‘fufu’, ‘akple’, ‘banku’ should be reduced and when they are reduced and replaced with fruits and vegetables and others they are good for the body,” he advised.

He called for more visitations to Physician assistants to ensure a proper state of health and wellness and for Ghanaians to be able to maintain the required normal levels of blood pressure and sugar.

Dr. Arthur Kennedy also cautioned about the usage of herbs with no prior medical information.

“Whiles some of them (herbs) can heal, they have side effects that are sometimes dangerous. A lot of kidney problems and others relayed from herbs whose dosages we do not know and that we use so let us be careful of those herbs,” he said in a recorded video on December 26.

He further urged persons with bitter relationships with families and friends to as part of their new year resolutions reconcile with their friends and loved ones.

“These days we have become more centered on ourselves and therefore more unhappy. There is an epidemic of loneliness, there is too much of me versus we. So respectively, I urge you as part of your New Year resolutions to nurture your old relationships and to rekindle ones that have gone cold between you and your family members, like children, spouses, distant relatives and friends,” he admonished.

The United States-based Ghanaian practicing medical doctor implored Ghanaians to reach out to old friends who they have not seen or heard from in a while and avoid the Western practice of just relating to nuclear families and take pride in the extended family.


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