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Funeral rites of  late Bimbila Nakoha-Naa underway, TaTU DASA prays for a successful event



The Traditional funeral rites of the late Bimbila Nakoha Naa (Chief Butcher) in the Nanung enclave of the Northern region has commenced in a grand style.

Activities to mark the historical funeral started on Thursday 22nd December, 2022 at the royal home of the deceased.

Children and heads of the family are currently in Bimbila leading the week long event, which is expected to climax on Friday 30th December, 2022 with Islamic prayers (Sara Taribu).

As custom of Dagbon demand, the family started the funeral process with shaving of children (Kubihi Pinbu), and the installation of the late Nakoha Naa regent (Gbang Zhilibi) and Pakpag.

Bimbila will come to standstill on Thursday 29th December, 2022 with hundreds of well wishers, chiefs, friends and love ones from all walks of life thronging to the event ground to join the regent circumambulate the royal (Yili Gilibu/Lohari) house of the chief.

Pakpag of the late chief, Miss Zenab is the current Dagbon Students Association Queen mother (Kom-lana) of the Tamale Technical University, from the accountancy department.

A short statement from the leadership of the Association wished Pakpag Zenab the very best of luck and Allah’s protection during and after the funeral rites.

They prayed to Allah to continue having mercy on the deceased and all gone souls and make Jann their resting abode.

The Association further supplicated for tolerance and accident free funeral.

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