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Napo Praised By Overlord of Dagbon Kingdom

Overlord of Dagbon Kingdom and President of Dagbon Traditional Council, His Royal Majesty Ndan Ya-Na Abukari II, has lauded Hon.Mathew Opoku Prempeh (Napo), Energy Minister for his hardworking spirit and commitment towards the development of the Energy Ministry.
 In a speech delivered by His Royal Majesty Ndan Ya-Na Abukari II during a courtesy call on him by authorities of the Energy Ministry in Yendi on Monday,he deduced that ,It was  joy to see a committed and very hardworking minister like Hon.Mathew Opoku Prempeh in his  Kingdom due to the good news they  often receive at the end of the ministry’s visit.
“Knowing your prowess in the government we are very much ready to receive the good news you bring. On behalf of  the Chiefs and people of the Kingdom I wish to warmly welcome you to Yendi.”He further noted.
For the first time,he  extended his  sincere congratulations to Hon. Matthew Opoku Prempeh for his  appointment as the energy minister.
Adding,the Energy Minister’s appointment was indeed occasioned as a result of the excellent leadership he exhibited in his  previous positions in government and other good works for mother Ghana.
“Your  legacies at the Ministry of Education particularly the roll out of the famous Free SHS policy are impacting positively on the Ghanaian children.
I wish to use this opportunity to thank the President of the Republic, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for the confidence he reposes on you through the appointment.
Hon. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, I am very confident that with your solid team at the ministry, you would deliver an excellent job once again in the energy ministry. It is my sincere hope and prayer that greater doors of leadership would soon open for you to continue your good works for the country.”His Royal Majesty Ndan Ya-Na Abukari II noted” .
According to the Overlord of Dagbon Traditional Council,the Energy Ministry’s  visit last Monday with the high-ranking officials of the ministry and its agencies shows their recognition and preparedness to collaborate with the traditional authorities of the Kingdom as custodians of the land and major stakeholders in the affairs of the country.
The support of the general public in the affairs of the Ministry can be achieved through this act of building good working relationship with chiefs as leaders of the people and their communities.
 He used the opportunity to encourage the  ministry to continue on the right path and  also wished  to give them the assurance of the preparedness of the traditional authorities of the Kingdom to synergize with them to ensure that they do an excellent job for the country.
“It is breathtaking to see the determination of government through your ministry to provide affordable electricity for Ghanaians in furtherance of the government pledge to the Ghanaian people.
I am happy to inform you that the good leadership you exhibit at your ministry has sown a seed of hope and expectations of the people in government.
Through your effort, the Dagbon Kingdom has experienced for the first time among other things the building of eight solar power plants by the Ghana’s Bui Power Authority with a total capacity of 259 MWp in Yendi and other parts of the northern regions.
Hon. the building of the solar power plants will consolidate the development of renewable energy in Ghana.
This initiative by your ministry through the authority and the location of the sites of the plants in the north including Yendi in the Northern Region, Buipe and Sawla in the Savannah, Zebilla and Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region is a blessing for the people of Dagbon Kingdom and north as a whole.
 Apart from its intended purpose of providing reliable and affordable power supply, it will also serve as a source of employment for the people in this part of the country.
I wish to use this opportunity to commend your ministry for this opportunity for our people.
Honorable, I wish to bring to your notice that there are still many communities in the Kingdom yet to be connected to the national grid.
I therefore wish to use this opportunity to appeal to government to speed up the on-going rural electrification projects in the Kingdom and also consider the remaining communities which are yet to be awarded on contract.
In the Yendi Municipality alone there are 248 communities.
In the last two years a total of 13 communities got connected to the national grid through the effort of our hardworking Member of parliament, Hon. Alhaji Aliu Mahama.
This has moved electricity coverage in the municipality from 49% to 54%. Inferably, Hon. Minister, we have a whopping number of 114 communities unelectrified. I have been informed by the office of the Member of Parliament, Hon.Farouk Aliu Mahama, that 20 communities are up on your table pending your consideration and necessary action. It is my fervent anticipation to see the fast-tracking of works on these communities namely;
1. Andoyili                  2. Nalogu      3. Sunsongbun            4. Banchiya No 1 And 2
5. Zakoli/Nyenboligini  6. Kpanji       7. Neibong 8 Kpatia      9. Kulkpanga
10. Oseido             11. Nasa/Achiriya         12. Baaduli                   13. Jemboni
14. Kpalbilogno     15. Montondo     16. Jagando/Lakaldo   17. Binaagnando/Niido
18. Kuboni/Binchedo     19. Kpasani            20. Pionkamonaayili/Nwilindo.He further indicated.
Ndan Ya-Na Abukari II concluded by commending government in its effort towards reduction in their electricity tariff.
” Your Ministry’s continuous engagement with the PURC on a graduated tariff scheme to make electricity cost reasonable for consumers is a step in the right direction.
 It is my believe that the efforts by government in the energy sector would help address some challenges in other sectors of our economy.
I am confident, despite the current economic challenges in the country, that government will continue to pay the needed attention to the urgent needs of the Kingdom and Ghana in general. “ Foster

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