National Service Scheme Is 50 Years Today



Today 7th September,2023 marks 50 years of commencement of the National Service Scheme.

A bill which was passed by The Head Of State, Ignatius Kutu Acheampong in 7th September, 1973.

Today is a Remembrance Day And A Flag Ceremony is to be held to remember all falling service personnel who died along whilst they were in service at the forecourt of The NSS headquarters in Accra.

The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a Government of Ghana program under the Ministry of Education of Ghana with a National Secretariat in Accra, and offices in all administrative regions and districts across the country.

Hon. Osei Assibey is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the scheme.

The scheme is mandated to deploy a pool of skilled manpower drawn primarily from tertiary institutions to support the development efforts of both the public and private sectors in Ghana.

Although ,it is a citizenry requirement for all Ghanaians who are eighteen years above, it is currently limited to, and mandatory for all Ghanaians graduating from tertiary educational institutions who are not less than eighteen years old.

The original intent of deploying freshly graduating youth under the NSS arrangement is to ensure that priority sectors of our national life are never lacking in the requisite human resources needed for development.

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