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NDC Chairman Mad Over Political Violence In Effiduasi/Asokore Constituency By NPP

Mr.Ibrahim Adams , constituency chairman of the opposition NDC in the Effiduasi/Asokore in the Ashanti region is mad over the gross political violence by the ruling NPP members in the constituency.
According to him, It is a fact that the NPP is a party sprouted out of violent roots.
He said,NDC as a peaceful political party  expected NPP  to have developed and changed for the better especially in this modern and peaceful times but unfortunately they have retrogressed and gotten worse as evidenced in their conduct and behaviours.
“Why do I say so? Their ancestors in the
pre-independence era oppressed and opposed the then fighters for independence using violent
In the early post-independence days, the NPP opposed the then leadership  through violent means by  bomb throwing, shooting and so on which he said made this country ungovernable.
Eventually they succeeded in introducing the first violent bloodshed coup d’état
in Ghana by overthrowing the  government of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah marking the beginning of
visible corruption, dictatorship and deprivation in the lives and attitudes of the Ghanaian citizen.He noted.
He revealed that,a  man who claimed to be a freedom fighter attempted to express something like that but could
not hide his true colours when he eventually organized one of the most violent demonstrations
in the history of Ghana dapped-Kumi Prεko which led to the loss of lives and bloodshed.
This was no other person than our sitting President, Nana Addo Dankwa A. Addo.
Through lies, hate speech and deception His Excellency Nana Addo took over power to govern this country in December, 2016.
Having taken over power he began to show his true colours confirming the earlier fear expressed by his friend and a leading member of the NPP, Kofi
Koomson when he indicted him by saying he could not sleep with his eyes closed in Nana Addo’s Presidency.
Since His Excellency Nana Addo took over power in January, 2017, indeed unprecedented violence and Mayhem has rocked this country.
Some of these violent acts and actors got cleared by Nana Addo making the perpetrators escape true justice.
 Mentioning  a small number of  violent incidences out of a very long list they are  all aware of,he mentioned of the brutalization of ASP Nanka Bruce at the flagstaff house at the seat of government on the 9th of January, 2017 by an NPP vigilante group.
 The assault of the Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator, George Adjei and forceful removal of from his office by NPP vigilante group/militia – Delta Forces in March, 2017.
 The unprecedented attack on innocent Ghanaians and a judge and members of the judicial service in the full glare of security in a cosmetic trial of the hoodlums who attacked Mr. George Adjei, the then Ashanti Regional Security Cordinator.
The cold blooded shooting and killing of seven NPP young men from Asewase and Aboabo at Ayiribikrom near Manso Nkwanta believing to be members of the Delta Forces. It was alleged that the MCE of Asokore Mampong, Halidu Seidu had a hand in the murdering of the young men.
 The attack on journalists and media houses including an international anti-corruption investigative institution – Tiger Eye PI managed by Arimiyawu Anas, the killing of Ahmed
Suale, the threatening of the life of Manasseh Azure which forced him into exile in South Africa in March, 2019 because of his exposé of the training of militia groups by elements of the NPP at the seat of government, the Osu Casstle, to mention but a few.
 The horrible, thesaurus and never before seen state sponsored terrorism on innocent citizens during the Ayawaso West Wagon Parliamentary by-election that happened on 31st January, 2019 where heavily built masked armed men transported by an official police vehicle brutalized, shot and injured unarmed civilians including a sitting MP, Sam
“We recollect that the report of the fact finding Commission of Enquiry was
rejected by Nana Addo and his government.
We all know that medical doctors are life savers but that is not what we see in the conduct and actions of the MP of Effiduase – Asokore Constituency, Dr. Ayew Afriyie.
Ghanaians remember him as a member of the violent NPP pressure group Alliance for Accountable Governance, AFAG where he started exhibiting his violent tendencies but little did the constituents of Effiduasi –Asokore know that he was going to perpetrate worse things when he was voted as our representative in Parliament.
Unfortunately some people who did not heed to our warnings against voting him into Parliament are now “sending us our stones” as our position has been
He announced that in  October, 2019, it was alleged that Hon Dr. Ayew Afiriyie orally and physically assaulted the
sitting DCE for Sekyere East, Hon. Mary Boatemaa Marfo at the forecourt of the District Assembly in the full glare of the public and security personnel.
The horrible incident was widely
reported in the media but justice has since not been served.
As if that is not enough and also alleged, the violent giant like Goliath commanded Army,behaving like his violent stocky President invited some hooligans who attacked and physically assaulted his opponent in their Parliamentary Primaries, Lawyer Adom Appiah who is also the Deputy Ashanti Regional Secretary of the NPP so severely such that he had to be rushed to the
Effiduase District Hospital for medical treatment.
The vigilante group/militia numbering about five were wearing army uniforms. However, our sources tell us that these were a fraction of the large numbers trained by the NPP to cause mayhem in the impending general elections.
This goes to prove the expose` made by Manasseh Azure about the training of some militia by the NPP at the Osu Castle and other places intended to be used to intimidate members of the
opposition parties especially those of the NDC.
“It is really sad that a fine gentleman like lawyer Adom Appiah finds himself in such a dangerous party. We would have protected and made good use of such a fine brain instead of beating him.
Lawyer, it is not too late, our doors are
open, we are willing to welcome you to the big and shady umbrella family since your people do
not seem to like you. If the NPP can molest their own people like this, what do you think they will do to us in the
NDC? We are peace loving and development oriented Ghanaians in this constituency.
We are condemning these attacks by the MP, Dr. Ayew Afriyie and by extension other violent activities being perpetrated or intending to be perpetrating because we have seen how it is retarding
developmental and denigrating humanity.
Since the inception of democracy in 1992 and the elections of four successive representatives
of Effiduasi – Asokore Constituency, never have we witnessed such level of violence and poor development but for the emergence of Dr. Ayaw Afriyie.
 He has been disturbing the DCE and
other departmental heads and his actions have the tendency of destabilizing the peace of this
great constituency which is also the home constituency of the legal advisor of the National peace Council, Nana Susubiribi Krobea Asante, who is also the Paramount Chief of Asokore
Traditional Council.
Moreover,  the most worrying part is that
identifiable security personals were been captured in the queue voting as delegate. Indeed, NDC as political party had been vindicated that those party hoodlums in the security services
are all NPP vigilante members.
“We are calling on the National Peace Council, the Council of State, the Catholic Bishop Conference, Civil Society Organizations, the Christian Council of Ghana, the Muslim Council of
Ghana, the National House of Chiefs, the Ghana Bar Association, National Security, the Police
Service, the Ghana Army and The Asante Hene, Otumfour Osei Tutu II to intervene by ensuring that the President and the NPP disband their vigilante groups else we in the NDC will take every
legitimate means and steps to protect ourselves and our members especially in the upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary election in December, 2020.He concluded .
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