NDC PC for Sekondi Rolls Out Interest-Free Loan Scheme for Small-Scale Trade and Business Owners



The long-awaited “economic messiah” of the Sekondi Constituency in the Western Region, Lawyer Armah Nyamekye Blay, is taking action to address the economic challenges facing his constituents from the grassroots.

In an unprecedented move in the history of the constituency, the NDC Parliamentary Candidate (PC) has launched an interest-free loan scheme for its constituents.

This interest-free loan program targets market vendors, fishmongers, and fishermen in the Sekondi Constituency. Over the past few years, and particularly in recent days, the popular and vibrant Sekondi Market and Fishing Harbor, known as the heart of business in the constituency and the wider region, has experienced a significant decline in business activities. This decline is largely attributed to the economic challenges and difficulties caused by the NPP Government and the lackluster leadership in the constituency, both under Papa Owusu Ankomah and his successor, Lawyer Andrew Egyapa Mercer.
The constituency has suffered from over 27 years of stagnation and regression, losing its once thriving business environment.
It is in the face of these challenges that Lawyer Armah Nyamekye Blay has risen to the occasion. He plans to invest several hundreds and thousands of cedis in the form of interest-free loans to support these small-scale businesses and trades, revitalizing and strengthening them to restore the constituency’s business vibrancy. The loans, without any interest, will be repaid in a convenient manner, and educational programs will be provided to help these businesspeople become financially literate and independent.

These interest-free loans will enhance the socio-economic life of the community, boost family incomes, and attract investors from various backgrounds to the constituency.
With these initiatives, the Tuesday Markets will no longer remain empty, and the fishing harbor will no longer resemble a ghost town. Lawyer Armah Nyamekye Blay’s commitment and readiness to develop and restore Sekondi’s lost business image are truly unique and unprecedented.
This initiative goes beyond just offering financial support. It’s a beacon of hope for the people of Sekondi, an affirmation that a brighter future is possible. It’s a testament to the power of grassroot initiatives in bringing about meaningful change in local communities.

The interest-free loan scheme not only has the potential to revitalize small-scale businesses but also to strengthen the community as a whole. As these businesses flourish, it will lead to an overall improvement in the socio-economic landscape of the region. Families will benefit from increased income, and the local economy will experience a much-needed boost. With a thriving business environment, Sekondi will once again attract investors and entrepreneurs from all walks of life, injecting new life into the community.
Lawyer Armah Nyamekye Blay’s commitment and unique approach to rebuilding Sekondi and restoring its business hub have awakened hope in the hearts of the people. It’s a testament to what can be achieved through dedicated and visionary leadership.

Let us all come together, spread this positive news about Lawyer Nyamekye Blay, and work to save our community from losing its business vitality. Together, we can rebuild, restore, and make Sekondi a beacon of economic prosperity once more.

By: Abraham Dadzie

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