NDC’s Majeed Dokurgu Energizes Effia Constituency with Sala Fest Float



The Effia constituency in the Western Region of Ghana was imbued with fervor and enthusiasm as the National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary candidate, Hon. Majeed Dokurgu, orchestrated a vibrant Sala Fest Float to commemorate the Eid al-Fitr celebration. The event drew over 5000 spirited youths from Effia, who fervently pledged their support for Hon. Majeed’s vision for the constituency.

Against the backdrop of festivity, Hon. Majeed seized the moment to rally the community behind his campaign, urging them to become ambassadors of change and to unite in building Effia together. Emphasizing the importance of civic participation, he called on the attendees to actively engage in the upcoming voter registration exercise scheduled for May 7th, thereby ensuring their voices are heard in the democratic process.

Addressing the pressing issue of unemployment, Hon. Majeed acknowledged the challenges faced by Effia constituents after 24 years of governance under the New Patriotic Party (NPP). He vowed to institute tangible solutions through his BOSS policy, which stands for Building Opportunities for Sustainable Solutions. Promising reliable and sustainable job opportunities, Hon. Majeed instilled hope in the hearts of the youth, assuring them of a brighter future under his leadership.

In his impassioned speech, Hon. Majeed affirmed his commitment to serving the people of Effia with integrity and dedication. He pledged to prioritize the welfare of the community, working tirelessly to address their needs and aspirations. With his Sala Fest Float, Hon. Majeed not only celebrated the rich cultural heritage of Eid al-Fitr but also galvanized support for his vision of progress and prosperity in Effia.

As the political landscape in Effia continues to evolve, Hon. Majeed Dokurgu emerges as a beacon of hope, offering a fresh perspective and a transformative agenda for the constituency. With the unwavering support of the community behind him, he embarks on a journey to realize his vision of a more prosperous and inclusive Effia for all its residents.

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