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NDC’s Obed Opintan unveils customized safety vest ahead of 2024 polls


An aspiring National Deputy Youth Organizer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Obed Opintan, has outdoored a customized party vest for elected regional and constituency executives as well as deputy youth organizers across the country.

The vest, which has become the talk in the NDC as a good initiative, was designed and donated across the length and breadth of the country by Obed Opintan, the National Deputy Youth Organizer aspirant of the NDC.

This has gingered the spirit of the party, where staunch supporters are flooding social media with the branded vest endorsing the candidature of Obed Opintan.

He indicated that after every general elections, party members do whine and lament over their missing items such as phones, money and other relevant gadgets so he deemed it necessary to come out with the aforementioned vest as a way of using it to keep vital things on the day of campaigns.

In what appears as showcasing the readiness to meet the incumbent to recapture power from this NPP government come 2024, Obed Opintan has the belief that with his vision statement and strategies, NDC will taste exhilarating victory in the forthcoming general elections.

Obed Opintan has commenced sharing the NDC-branded vests across the country, saying the party is not going to joke in 2024.

Speaking to members who were seen wearing the vest, they expantiated that the party is serious to win power from the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

According to them, they are solidly behind Obed Opintan for making such move to design a vest that will be used as “safe keeper” in the campaigns of the party .

He appealed to all stakeholders of the party as well as delegates to give him the necessary unflinching support to be elected as the next National Deputy Youth Organizer of the NDC.

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