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Kwabena Agyepong ends tour of NPP’s diaspora chapters ahead of flagbearership race


Kwabena Agyei Agyepong, a New Patriotic Party (NPP) flagbearer hopeful, has ended his tour of the diaspora chapters of the party, reiterating his desire to rejuvenate the party’s grassroots.

“I want to cure the disconnect. The party and government belong to them, and they must own and feel part of it.”

“My mission is to rejuvenate our political base and inspire hope in the youth of our country,” he said in an interview with the Ghana News Agency after the tour.

He said the party’s victory at the polls should be a victory for the grassroots and not a select few and said it was time for a “new dawn” where everybody was brought on board in governance for the good of the NPP and the country.

Mr. Agyepong said he was working to unite the Party and use the Jehovah Witness soul-winning strategy to canvas for votes for the NPP in the 2024 general election.

“It is time to do things right. We’ve come very far. Let’s redefine our grassroots. Let’s bring them on board, and they must be on board during campaign time, election time and part of governance. The time of use and dump is gone. No more should our people be abandoned at the rendezvous of victory,” he stressed.

Mr. Agyepong said he was offering himself to lead the NPP to bring transformation to all sectors of the Ghanaian economy.

“For me, it is not about becoming a President, but the transformation of our dear Nation. Where we are as a country needs new thinking, new ideas and new direction. In fact, the very understanding of party politics and public service must be looked at again,” he said.

Mr. Agyepong said Ghana needed a “compassionate and selfless” leader and that he was that nation builder ready to work with the masses to provide a “new dawn” and transform the country.

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