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New Education curriculum to enhance students compete globally – Deputy PRO



Mr. Ernest Akosah,  Deputy Public Relations Officer of Ghana education Service has stated that, the  new curriculum being roled  out by the government of Ghana through Education Service would enhance the children to develop creative and problems solving skills to compete globally as students of the twenty first century.
According to him, the new curriculum would help the children to internalize and understand what they are being taught, as the new textbooks are also ready, adding the publishers are done with all procurement processes and for that matter all public schools in the country would receive theirs in week’s time.
Mr. Akosah debunked the perception that the Free Senior High School policy and the double Track has compromise quality is never true, says the relevance of the double Track is an innovative way for every student to with the mainstream teaching and learning process.
He disclosed that, the double Track which was started with about four hundred and one schools in 2017 has now reduced to three hundred and fifty in 2020, as the government has started putting up and expansion of infrastructural facilities in over 50% of those double Track schools to compliment the infrastructural deficit in the various schools.
The Deputy Public Relations Officer  (PRO) revealed that, the students who would be entering in the senior high schools as first year’s student would not be affected by the the double Track as been promised by the government that the double Track would be ended in five to seven years.
He stressed that, the government has made a frantic effort to ensure that the double Track becomes the of the past within the five to seven years.

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