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No Justification for Hating Ken Ofori-Atta-CVM President 

President of Concerned Voters Movement,Mr.Razak Kojo Opoku has stated emphatically that,the is no justification for hating Ken Ofor-Atta, Finance Minister for the economic struggle in Ghana.
According to him,the finance minister inherited almost nothing in the national coffers yet managed to raise revenue strategically to clean the messy situations he came to meet as the Finance Minister in 2017.
He said, the finance minister’s  predecessors took Ghana to IMF but Ken Ofori-Atta brought Ghana out of IMF.
Adding that,the  predecessors of the finance minister cancelled allowances for teachers and nursing trainees but Ken Ofori-Atta restored it back to our students.
He revealed that,the predecessors of Ken Ofori-Atta FAILED to look for money for Free SHS Policy but Ken Ofori-Atta was able to raised money for free Senior High School (SHS) Education and has been able to sustain the financing of the programme.
Mr.Razak Kojo Opoku further indicated,predecessors of the finance ministry left behind collapsed banking /financial sector resulting in losses of depositors funds.
However, Ken Ofori-Atta was able to raised money to save the collapsing banks/financial institutions as well as redeem the funds of depositors.
“His predecessors left behind NHIS debts of billion cedis but Ken Ofori-Atta has been able to clear majority of the NHIS debts.
His predecessor left behind 15 killer and nuisance taxes but Ken Ofori-Atta has successfully scrapped all the 15 nuisance and killer taxes introduced by his predecessors. “He revealed.
He said on record that,Ken Ofori-Atta has performed better as the sector Minister for Finance than his predecessors. He is only hated by some people largely because he is the cousin of President Akufo-Addo.
‘If it is not witchcraft, how can a person hates Ken Ofori-Atta who has been able to raise monies for the implementation and sustainability of government’s  programmes and policy initiatives, a novelty the opposition NDC failed to achieve thereby sending the country to IMF? Let’s praise where praise is due.’He maintained.
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