NPP Ashanti Regional Reconciliation Committee Inaugural Meeting Held



The Ashanti Region Reconciliation Committee, chaired by Ambassador Edward Boateng, held its inaugural meeting on February 8th, 2024, at Asokwa in Kumasi.

At this pivotal gathering, the Chairman, referencing a memo issued by the General Secretary of the Party, laid out the Committee’s primary objectives, marking the commencement of a critical phase in the party’s journey towards unity and strength.

In line with the memo, the Committee is dedicated to addressing the underlying issues that have led to divisions within the party, emphasizing the need for leadership and vision clarity.

Inspired by Nelson Mandela’s approach in South Africa, the Committee aims to foster clear, inclusive leadership and a vision of unity that transcends individual differences and aligns with the
collective aspirations of the party’s members.

The Committee recognizes the importance of open and inclusive dialogue, as demonstrated by the success of the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland.

Engaging all stakeholders in constructive conversations is seen as crucial for understanding diverse perspectives and fostering a sense of belonging and commitment among party members.
Transparency and accountability are also key pillars of the Committee’s strategy, drawing lessons from our Party’s reconciliation process in 2016 led to our victory.

Addressing grievances openly
and ensuring that all members have a voice in the reconciliation process are fundamental steps towards healing and unity within Ashanti region.

Strategies for Moving Forward within Ashanti.

To achieve its objectives, the Committee has outlined several strategies, including,Acknowledgement and Apology, Recognizing past mistakes and offering sincere apologies
to begin the healing process.

Engage Aggrieved Candidates: Inviting aggrieved primary candidates to take on significant roles in policy formulation and campaign efforts, ensuring their valuable insights and contributions are integrated into the party’s future direction.

Public Sentiment Management: Launching a public relations campaign to highlight the party’s unwavering commitment to unity and progress.

Policy and Platform Inclusion:

Incorporating policy ideas and concerns of aggrieved candidates into the party’s platform, reflecting a broad and inclusive approach to policy development.

Continuous Engagement and Feedback: Establishing mechanisms for ongoing dialogue and feedback, ensuring all members feel heard and valued.
Expected Outcomes.

The Committee’s efforts are aimed at achieving several key outcomes:
Restored Trust: Rebuilding trust among party members and the public through a
transparent and inclusive reconciliation process.

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