NPP race: Don’t vote for aspirants touting gov’t has failed – John Boadu



Mr John Boadu, the former General Secretary of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), is advising party members to reject aspirants who are promoting the notion that the government has failed, in the upcoming party flagbearer race.

He has urged supporters to be cautious when considering the arguments put forth by these contenders for leadership positions in the 2024 general elections.

Mr Boadu cautioned that if any of these aspirants were to win the party’s flagbearer position, it would be challenging to present them effectively to the public.

He argued that many of the individuals who criticise the government’s performance lack concrete plans for advancing the “break-the-eight” agenda, referring to the party’s goal of securing an unprecedented third consecutive term in office.

In his view, the credibility of these aspirants is compromised by their negative rhetoric. He pointed out that some of them struggle to identify the party’s achievements even when asked during radio interviews, taking considerable time to name just one accomplishment.

Mr Boadu found it perplexing that potential leaders of the party would exhibit such behaviour.

Mr Boadu expressed concern that if these aspiring leaders cannot highlight even a single positive aspect of the party’s performance, it signals a significant issue. He acknowledged that the competition among aspirants is intense, with each candidate attempting to claim credit for specific achievements.

For instance, credit for digitalisation is attributed to Dr Bawumia, while Alan Keyerematen is associated with the One-District-One-Factory initiative, he said.

Mr Boadu criticised party supporters who claim they have not received adequate attention from the party, cautioning them to be mindful of their actions.

Mr Boadu raised these concerns during an interview with Neat FM, a radio station based in Accra, on August 23, 2023.

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