NPP serial callers STRIKE over lack of jobs



Members of the New Patriotic Party Serial Callers Association in the Northern Region have declared a strike, halting all party-related communication activities.

The decision, communicated to major stakeholders, the media, and the public, cites increasing frustrations among members due to unaddressed concerns regarding their socioeconomic welfare.

The striking members point to failed promises by the party’s regional executives over the years to address the welfare of its members.

Specific grievances include the lack of job opportunities for qualified members, insufficient support for farmers and business owners, and unfulfilled promises of scholarships and communication gadgets for students and party communication efforts.

Despite numerous complaints lodged with the party’s regional communication directorate and leadership, members claim that their concerns have fallen on deaf ears. The announcement also specifies a lack of fulfilment of promises made as far back as September 2023, leaving members disillusioned with the party’s leadership.

The communication strike is a coordinated effort by the Northern Region NPP members to draw attention to their grievances and compel the party’s leadership to address welfare concerns promptly.

The members have urged strict compliance with the strike, warning of sanctions for any individual or group that defies the directive

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