NPP’s Elee Waala expresses worry over the party’s internal wranglings in Sagnarigu



The Chairman for Northern Region NPP Pubilicity And Media Committee, Elee Waala, has appleaed to Northern Regional NPP Executives to intervene for a reconciliation in the matters arising aftermath of the acclamation of Felicia Tettey as Parliamentary Candidate for Sagnarigu.

According to him, the acclamation of Mrs. Tettey to go unopposed was masterminded by the Northern Regional Executives.

He disclosed that he is surprised after the acclamation of Felicia Tettey to go unopposed, the backlash has been on her as if she masterminded of her candidature to unopposed.

According to him, “People are insulting the candidate and everybody is quite, I don’t understand, why are you quite, after all, she didn’t force herself to go Unopposed, No, the regional executives negotiated for that, so, if you did that, and they are insulting her, come out and call on them to stop it, and make it clear to them, she has no hands in it, so that the woman would have peace of mind to work for the party to win the seat and also increase the presidential votes”.

Elee Walaa, revealed that at a meeting between Felicia Tettey and the Northern Regional Executives, Mrs. Tettey stated categorically that they should allow open contest in the constituency, however, the regional executives insisted she should go unopposed to prevent post- elections grivenances.

The Chairman of the Northern region youth wing, Pubilicity and Media Committee, thus, appealed to the regional executives to intervene for the amicable settlement of the agitations in the constituency after they masterminded Felicia Tettey to go unopposed.

Elee Walaa, has also made a passionate appealed to the constitutes who are not happy for Mrs. Tettey to go unopposed to desist from the insults and defamation of the candidate and rather direct their grievances to the regional executives.

He recounted the historic performance of Felicia Tettey as the first NPP Parliamentary Candidate to win 44 polling stations, and also increased the presidential votes.

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