Ntensere Bosomfuo Nana Mensah Bonsu Wins Court Judgment Against Akroponghene Nana Appiah Sarfo Kantanka



The High Court of Kumasi on Thursday, 27th March 2024 declared Nana Mensah Bonsu, Ntensere Bosomfuo as the custodian of Ntensere Stool Lands. The judgement was duly delivered in favour of Nana Mensah Bonsu, Tano Obourmensah of Ntensere.

The suit number of the case was SOL/37/2015, and it was between Nana Appiah Sarfo Kantanka Akroponghene (Plaintiff) and Nana Mensah Bonsu, Tano Obourmensah Bosomfuo of Ntensere(Defendant).

Contrary to the claims of Nana Appiah Sarfo Kantanka, Akroponghene, the Kumasi High declared that it is NOT CORRECT that Ntensere Stool Land are under Akropong Stool Land, and that Akroponghene has NO jurisdiction or authority over Ntensere Stool Land per the evidence before the Court.

Further, the Kumasi High Court made the following ORDERS:

1. That all the land bounded by River Nwabi, River Offin and the Beshie Stream is declared to belong to the Tano Obour Mensah Fetish god.

2. It is further declared that the Chief Priest of Tano Obour Mensah Fetish being the defendant herein, is the custodian of Ntensere Stool Lands described in Relief(i) supra.

3. The plaintiff, Akroponghene, whether by himself, his assigns, agents, privies or anybody claiming title through him are Perpetually restrained from having anything to do with the subject late described in Relief(i) supra.

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