Grand Ceremony held to celebrate Asantehene’s 25 years in Freemasonry



A grand ceremony was held at the Sir Agyeman Prempeh II Hall in Kumasi to celebrate the Asantehene’s remarkable 25-year journey in Freemasonry.


The event commenced with a majestic procession of Grand Lodge Officers and visiting delegations from around the globe.

Notably, the Asante royals, led by the Otumfuo, graced the hall with their presence, evoking awe among attendees.

MW Bro. Nana Osei Atwene Bonsu, the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Ghana, welcomed the esteemed gathering and highlighted Otumfuo’s initiation into Freemasonry 25 years ago at the Osei Tutu Lodge.


The highlight of the ceremony was an oration titled “A Tree and a Jubilee: A Masonic Reflection” delivered by R. W. Bro. Dr. N.A.B. Andrews.

The oration, intertwined with verses from the hymn “Guide me, O my great Redeemer,” celebrated the Asantehene’s exemplary leadership, emphasising his promotion of education and support for Freemasonry in Ghana.

Representatives from Nigeria, Canada, Togo, Benin, Ivory Coast, and Liberia extended fraternal greetings, culminating in the Grand Lodge of Liberia honouring the Asantehene with the title of Most Worshipful Grand Patron.


In a symbolic gesture, the Grand Lodge of Ghana pinned a medal for 25 years of Masonic service on the Asantehene, acknowledging his steadfast commitment to the fraternity.

During his speech, the Asantehene expressed gratitude for the conferment and hinted at discussions regarding establishing a female Grand Lodge associated with the Grand Lodge of Ghana, citing the presence of female lodges in Liberia and England.

“I have no regrets after 25 years of being a Freemason,” remarked the Asantehene, underscoring the relevance of Masonic teachings to society.


He urged the Grand Lodge to expand its outreach to untouched regions, reaffirming his dedication to leveraging Freemasonry for Ghana’s development.

The ceremony concluded with a closing prayer by the Grand Chaplain and a solemn reception from the lodge by the Grand Master and Grand Patron, signifying the end of a momentous and reverent occasion celebrating Freemasonry, tradition, and honour.

The festivities of the day were crowned with a banquet at the Jubilee Hall at the Manhyia Palace, further highlighting the unity and camaraderie fostered by Freemasonry.

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