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On Blackstars AFCON 2019 Expenses:The Gods Must Be Crazy Right Now-ASEPA Writes

Blackstars AFCON Expenses :The Gods Must Be Crazy Right Now-ASEPA Writes  Okay wait oo…this Sports Minister must think Ghanaians are all drunkards and perhaps what runs through our brains is engine oil. This Minister for Youth and Sports who went to Egypt to engage in marathons of sexual escapades, has the effrontery to come before Parliament, in a Country which lacks ambulances for emergency healthcare, 40% of its Citizens lacks access to basic social amenities that he spent almost $4.6million dollars on this shameful AFCON campaign….the gods must be crazy right now. But obviously failed to tell us under which budget component the girls he flew from Dubai, Kenya and South Africa to Egypt for several escapades of sexual bouts fell under. Now let us break down the cost in cedi equivalent at an exchange rate of $1:5.4 Item—–exp($) GHC 1.airfare – – 924,168 *4,990,507* (GHC 4.9Million) 2.Perdiem(Players) 187,050   1,010,070(GHC 1.1Million) 3.Perdiem(Tech staff)129,600   –   699,840(GHC 699,840) 4.Perdiem(Add.Tech staff)90750  490050(GHC490050) 5.Winning Bonus Players     965405   *5,313,187*(GHC 5.3Million) 6.Winning Bonus(Tech staff)347027       *1,873,945*(GHC1.8Million) 7.Winning Bonus(Add.Tech staff)         177,000  *955800*(GHC955,800) 8.Accomodation1,143,519  *6,175,002*(GHC 6.17Million) 9.Feeding419,300  *2,264,220*(GHC2.26Million) 10.Match Tickets  41,750   *225,450*(GHC225,450) 11.Medicals44,574  *240,669*(GHC240 669) 12.Visa Fees8541   *46121*(GHC 46,12 13.Internal Transportation 43,092   *232,696*(GHC23,2696) 14.Incidentals 42,576  *229,910*(GHC229,910) Total $4,564,352  *24,647,500*(GHC 24,647,500) Now Essential Questions ( i will be a bit hostile, please forgive me, am just too pissed!) 1. Its either this Minister is a fraudster or he is a herculean bandit!Otherwise he will have that respect and decency to break these elephantine figures down into their various components. 2.Who the hell are additional technical staff and why the hell are they not captured under Perdiem for Technical staff as far their Perdiem is concerned?What the hell was the role of these additional technical staff and exactly what did they do to attract a Perdiem of GHC490,050 in dollar equivalent? 3.Why the hell should technical staff be paid winning bonus for a game they played no part in?And how many goals did the technical staffs score that they have to be paid a winning bonus of GHC955,800 in dollar equivalent? 5. How many elephants did they slaughter to prepare food for the blackstars that we spent GHC2.26Million on feeding.(feeding on what, gold pellets?)I am very sure, even the food the 5000 followers of Jesus consumed could not cost us 2.26Million in today’s terms.  6.And what the “ef” is incidentals that costs us GHC229,910?Am very sure Ghanaians are itching to know what these supposed incidentals are…! 7.If we spent over 6million on accommodation, then am sure the Minister flew these players to heaven and back!So they should tell us how God is doing on his throne….and what Angel Gabriel thinks about this broad day light thievery? So we paid 1.1million cedis to these players as Perdiem and then paid 5.3million as winning bonus for which match, the two matches out 5 matches played?Then am sure we would have sold this Country to pay them off if they had won all 5 matches. This Minister deserves to be lashed publicly…because he failed to ensure prudent use of our resources and we expecting Parliament to do the needful and request for a proper break down of these obviously bloated figures! Mensah Thompson Executive Director ASEPA 0542120628Source /Ayisah Foster 

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