One arrested in connection with alleged rape and murder at Anwiankwantah



The Ashanti Regional Police Command has picked up one person in connection with the death of 18-year-old Georgina Agyemang at Anwiankwantah in the Bekwai Municipality.

The body was found half naked on Saturday noon, at an uncompleted building a few metres from her sister’s home.

Already, the bizarre state in which the victim was found has led to speculations of strangulation and rape.

Speaking to JoyNews, an uncle of the deceased, Nana Kwarteng Amoaninn III insists the young girl was killed at a different location and transported to the building.

He says the case has been reported to the police with the family expecting a thorough investigation to commence.

“After that the Police must communicate its findings to the family,” he added.

Nana Kwarteng Amoaninn III told JoyNews that, the family also found some of the victim’s personal belongings at the scene.

These included her phone charger, a purse containing an amount of GHS150, glue and an umbrella.

Meanwhile, the Assembly member for Anwiankwantah Electoral Area, Frank Akowuah wants security enhanced within the area.

He stressed that residents are now living in fear with some relocating due to the numerous unsolved killings in and around the area.

“About three months ago the same incident happened where a three-month-old baby was killed and we have a town around Anwiankwanta called Behinase, the same incident happened over there. A mother and her baby were both killed. So it has been occurring, this is something that we have to find a solution to.

“Since yesterday, people have started moving from the area to the main town because of what has happened. They are in fear that it will happen again. Those who have rented rooms over here are moving.”

He is therefore asking the security services to work with community members to protect the lives of citizens.

“For the security services, I have told them that in Ghana we don’t meet the world standard so they alone cannot protect the citizens, we have to help them. We need to establish community volunteers that will support the police than giving all our security to the police. So what the police is doing is ok, but we the citizens must help them so that the volunteers will protect the citizens.”

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