Pay tier-two pension to TEWUG members – Kwabena Donkor to govt



Dr Kwabena Donkor, Ranking Member of the Employment, Social Welfare, and State Enterprises Committee of Parliament and Member of Parliament (MP) for Pru East, has urged the government to as a matter of urgency pay the Tier-two pension of Members of the Tertiary Education Workers Union of Ghana (TEWUG) who are currently on strike.

The strike, which started last Thursday January 1st 2024, is in response to the government’s failure to address various concerns, including welfare needs, Tier-two pension funds, vehicle maintenance allowance, and overtime allowance.

The union has withdrawn various services, including cleaning the environment, setting up classrooms, providing security, and hospital services.

The Pru MP was commenting on the issue in an interview on with Oheneba Bannieh on XYZ TV, says the payment of Tier-two pensions is a legal requirement, and for that matter, Employers are expected to pay or remit their second-tier contribution within the stipulated period, hence the government is in breach of that, and must honor its obligations as an employer.

Dr Donkor noted that, in terms of the allowances and other issues, he would kindly call on the unions to moderate their rightful position in the context of the dire financial straits the country finds itself in.

According to him, if the government were to settle the outstanding second-tier payments, it would make it easier for some of them to call on the unions to call off their strike.

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