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Pleasure Comes With Responsibility:Razak Kojo Opoku Writes



Majority of women struggle a lot to take care of Children because most men are highly irresponsible after sex. These men love Sex but hate responsibility towards the fruits/by-products of Sex.

If you are not ready to take care of Children then respectfully castrate yourself for the greater good of Society.

Majority of Children are struggling on the streets due to irresponsible sexual behaviours by men and women.

God asked us to be fruitful and multiply, Yes, but it comes with highest degree of responsibility.

Our wrong interpretation of the Scriptures has created an ungovernable society for all of us.

Be Fruitful and Multiply command by God is NOT limited to Procreation only. It is also means that, bear fruits and multiply in every area of your life so that you will be able to have dominion over creation.

It is about time, Men and Women control their sexual drives, and be responsible especially men after having sex with women.

There are too many streets and homeless children, and vulnerable children who are being wrongly exploited by the Taboo LGBTQI Community largely due to irresponsible sexual pleasures and behaviours of men and women.

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