Police confirm complaint of assault on GHOne TV presenter by persons alleged to be Chief Imam’s security



Source: Ernest K. Arhinful

The Police have confirmed that a case of assault has been lodged against persons alleged to be associated with the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu.

Myjoyonline sources at the Police Headquarters say the case is being investigated, after GHOne TV presenter, Lantam Papanko lodged the complaint at the Mile 7 Police Station on Sunday, October 22.
Lantam, who says the assault occurred on the Ofankor-Amasaman road on Sunday, has explained that he was driving in the inner lane of the Ofankor-Tantra stretch when he realised a motorcyclist was riding at high speed behind him, attempting to overtake him.

He added that the rider got agitated when he questioned him about his reckless riding. The rider then hit his vehicle and the side mirror, after verbally assaulting him.

“I was driving from the Ofankor roundabout headed towards Tantra Roundabout, Mile 7. And I was driving in the inner lane. So while I was moving, I saw a motorcyclist coming from behind me.

“I noticed the motorcycle moving fast to the right, to the driver’s side, behind me, trying to overtake me. I was wondering what the problem was. And he started signalling to me that I should move off the road.

He added, “So I also signalled to him what was the problem? Why he was signalling me to move off the road?

Then he moved off from that side and then came to the other side, the passenger side on the right side. And he started insulting me. He asked me why I didn’t want to move off the road. I realised a black SUV bearing the number plate ‘Imam’ with flashing red and blue lights had been following me.

“Struggling to comprehend the unfolding scene, I witnessed the motorcyclist pulling up beside me and verbally assaulting me.

“The aggressive exchange didn’t end there. In a fit of rage, the motorcyclist struck my vehicle with his hands and then violently hit my side mirror, causing it to turn.”

Lantam added that a vehicle supposedly belonging to the National Chief Imam abruptly stopped in front of his car, compelling him to stop.

He added that after stopping, three guys alighted from the vehicle and together the motorcyclist assaulted him.

“He confronted me with accusations of disrespect and used his helmet to strike me through the car window. So the guy rode off and then I saw the Chief Imam’s car pass. I picked up my normal speed again. Then I realised that ahead of me, the Chief Imam’s car came to an abrupt stop right in front of me. I had to come to a screeching halt.”

“The rider pulled up beside me again. He got down from the vehicle, took off his helmet and started saying, don’t I respect? What is the meaning of what I was doing? And he used his helmet through the window to hit me in my face.”

And I saw about three people get down from the Chief Imam’s vehicle. They came and stood by my side where I was directly sitting, while in the car. And they started slapping and hitting me on my head and face and asking me, don’t I know that is the Chief Imam that is coming? Don’t I respect? The old man is sitting in the car. Instead of getting out of the way, I’m still sitting in the car and I don’t want to move. What is wrong with me? Why am I behaving like that?

“The guy used his helmet to hit me through the window like four times. And the other guys were slapping me and hitting me. I tried to protect myself with my hands. One of them eventually struck me in the forehead.” he added.

The presenter added that he received treatment at the Achimota Hospital and subsequently lodged a complaint at the Mile 7 Police Station.

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