Police inspector chops 16-year-old SHS 1 girl inside his car



Ghanaian police officer named Inspector Nyame Nipa who slept with a 16-year-old SHS 1 girl inside his car has been dragged to Aunty Naa’s show for refusing to take responsibility for the child.

According to the girl who was Juaben Senior High School student but dropped out due to pregnancy, the police inspector lured him to accompany her to a place.

In the middle of the journey, he parked his car and made sexual advances towards her.

Initially, the 16-year-old girl refused to sleep with him but he convinced her that his manhood is small hence she shouldn’t be afraid.

They proceeded to have sex inside the police inspector’s parked car and got pregnant in the process.

After delivery, the police inspector has refused to take care of the child because according to him, he suspects he isn’t the biological of the baby.

Meanwhile, the police inspector is a family friend who offered to financially assist the girl since her father is a retired old friend.

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