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2 free SHS food suppliers taken ill during picketing at Buffer Stock Company



Two members of the National Food Suppliers Association were taken ill on Wednesday, July 5, at the premises of the Buffer Stock Company.

Confirming the incidents to Citi News, the spokesperson for the Association, Kwaku Amedume, said the rough weather conditions and the emotional trauma that members are going through during the picketing at the Buffer Stock Company contributed to the unfortunate occurrence.

“Yesterday, we had some of our members taken ill. Two of them were treated and discharged, and one is okay. We hope the other one gets well.

“Sleeping out here is part of the reason she fell sick. Also, the mere fact that her money is still with the Buffer Stock Company and there is no hope as to when her money is going to be paid is part of it. If creditors call you and shout on the phone, you have no idea the kind of emotional torture that we go through. So, these are all part of the reasons the two were taken ill yesterday.”

The disgruntled members, who are pushing for their two years’ arrears to be paid immediately to keep their businesses afloat, also emphasized that they are undeterred by the silence of the Buffer Stock Company on their demands.

Mr. Amedume further disclosed that members were told to be patient until the chief executive officer of the Buffer Stock Company arrived from Hajj last year, but their monies have yet to be paid a year after his arrival.

“It only confirms that these people are not serious about working for the government. It tells you that they don’t want to serve but only want to be served. We were told last year to wait until the CEO arrives from Mecca, and he came back, and it is still the same story.”

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