Police Officer stationed at Tano Forest checkpoint shot dead



A police sergeant detailed at a checkpoint at the Bia-Tano Forest has been shot dead by unknown assailants.

The body of the police officer, who has been identified as Sergeant Titus Avoka Azasiyande, was found Thursday morning by a tipper truck driver who was driving from Kasapin towards Bediako.

Sergeant Avoka Azasiyande was found lying on top of his AK-47 rifle, with an empty shell lying beside him.

The driver alerted the police, who arrived at the scene and took the body to the Goaso mortuary for preservation and autopsy.

The police have not yet identified the assailants or determined a motive for the killing.

Sergeant Avoka Azasiyande was stationed at the Tano Forest Snap Check, which is a remote area in the Ashanti Region.

Police retrieved his Vivo mobile phone, food wrapped in a polythene bag and his Honda motorbike from the scene of the incident.


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