Prioritise competence over religious affiliation – Muslim communities told



The Coalition of Ashanti regional Muslim Chief Imams, and Concerned Youth of Asawase want Muslims to prioritise competence over religious affiliation when voting in the 2024 general elections.

Addressing the media in Kumasi, the group noted the campaign to vote for Dr Mahamudu Bawumia just because he is a Muslim is retrogressive and does not promote development.

“Politics is at variance with religion. One of the core values of power is the ability to solve problems. So, it is important to always choose a leader who is competent enough to solve your problems,” President of Concerned Youth of Asawase, Umar Harris, indicated.

The group claimed, most of the promises made by Dr Mahamudu Bawumia to develop and better the lives of residents in Zongo communities have not been delivered.

“Dr. Bawumia promised to build affordable houses for our northern brothers and sisters who migrated from the north to work in Accra and Kumasi (Kayaye).

“Again, Dr. Bawumia promised to build 16 model Senior High Schools in the Zongos within the 16 regions of Ghana. But after 7 and half years in power, these promises have not been fulfilled,” he reminded them.

The group asked the Muslim community to choose a leader who is result-oriented because leadership is about building the nation.

As leaders in the society, we owe it a duty to correct the erroneous impression that religion motivates political allegiance especially when the objective of selecting leaders based on religion has not inured to the benefit of the religious group.

“Election 2024 should be about competence and not religion. We are urging everyone to prioritise action-prone leadership and result-oriented leadership over and above religious sentiments,” he advised.

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