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It is true the grass suffers when elephants fight, but hey !!! The grass still suffers even when elephants play. The grass must know where it belongs, and understand the elephant’s weight dead or alive !!!
Election periods are always short, it peaks and ends so fast, but it shouldn’t end with you. Never place yourself in harms way in your quest to project a candidate.
Some are also struggling to show supremacy and power, dictating who should be and who shouldn’t be. The NDC that I know, will always decide the team they want for a season, not what you think. When the leg becomes bigger than the thigh, then there is a problem. Service to the party is giving way to hero worshipping.
We must all thread cautiously, NPP’s Breaking the *”eeeeeiii”* should not just be wished away, but stopped. It is the reason why  communicators and serial callers must not be part of the confusion of who you support openly.
Remember, when power is won, it is human beings, who do the recommendations. In your efforts to show love, do it in dignity, and never disrespect anyone !!!
Sometimes, the grass that needs to be protected in the elephants fights, sometimes become the stokers of fire. I have never seen a bush fire burning elephants, it burns grasses, so sometimes, mind your own …….
*Sometimes I get worried for some of our young men attacking aspirants*
Comrades, no team is permanent, never be the one being used to create confusion either with a fake account or an unknown number on social media. The same people will expose you when the tables turn.
Every elephant wants credible, distinguished and reliable people to associate with, but will fall on the suffering grass to do its dirty jobs. When you are around them, define your role, else you will be defined.
Comrades, kindly keep your name as a good brand today and thank me later. Remember, there are better days ahead
Happy farmers day.
Kun Fa Yakun

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