Publish gold-for-oil policy document to improve transparency – Dr. Manteaw



The spokesperson for the Civil Society Organization in the Extractive Industry, Dr. Steve Manteaw, is demanding the immediate publication of the policy document regarding the gold-for-oil policy.

Expressing concern over the lack of transparency surrounding the policy, Dr. Manteaw emphasized the need for disclosure of the agreement’s terms and conditions.

He made these remarks during the launch of the 2020 Ghana Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative report.

Dr. Manteaw believes that providing comprehensive details about the policy is essential to dispel any suspicions and ensure transparency.

He further stressed that revealing the terms of the agreement can instill public confidence in the gold-for-oil policy.

“We don’t know how Ghana procures its petroleum products and at what cost, nor do we know the cost of facilitating the gold-for-oil program. All of these things need to be disclosed so that we can hold our duty-bearers accountable. We want to see a comprehensive gold-for-oil policy because, as it stands, there is none. All we have seen are headline pronouncements.

“There is no blueprint document, and Parliament must take an interest in this. They must see the policy document, interrogate it, and see how best it serves the national interest.”

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