PURC must be transparent with its tariff review mechanism – CUTS International



Energy Think Tank, CUTS International has rebuked the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) for increasing electricity tariffs by 4.22%.

The institution argues that the increment, coupled with the harsh economic conditions, exerts undue pressure on struggling citizens.

PURC on the other hand argues that the adjustment is to ensure that the real value of the cost of providing utility services is upheld.

In an interview with Citi News, the West Africa Regional Director for CUTS International, Adomako Appiah Kusi, said the PURC must be transparent in its dealings and tariff review mechanisms.

“I don’t know whether the PURC is trying to do the bidding of the utility providers by consistently increasing tariffs. Of course, electricity has gone up by 5 percent, but there was a time when you looked at all the factors, we should have had a reduction by 4 or 6 percent which the PURC said we should ignore because it was not significant, but now that it is a 4 percent increase, it has had the effrontery to increase it and I think that the PURC is not being fair to consumers.”

“One thing I will like the PURC to do is like the way the National Petroleum Authority puts out the data in the public domain for anyone to calculate the possible adjustment. PURC should do the same.”

Mr. Appiah Kusi further emphasized the need for the PURC to ensure that utility companies retrieve debts to provide balance in its revenue drive.

“PURC has kept quiet and consumers are paying for the inefficiency of the electricity gridlines. Lots of people are consuming power without paying and instead of the PURC asking the ECG to go and chase those monies, all those debts are rather being pushed to the few ones that are paying.”

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