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Red flag over NPP national polls as member suspects foul play over voter album

Akwasi Afriyie, spokesperson for Concerned NPP Youth organisers in Ghana, has appealed to the Chairman of the NPP Elections Committee,  Mr Peter MacManu to hurriedly ensure that the voter album for the upcoming polls is complete and beyond the petty flaws that are currently in same.
In a statement copied to the Ghanaian Observer Newspaper, Mr Afriyie said the album supplied has insufficient as well as incomplete information especially about details of constituency and regional executives.
He also noted that no figure has been given for persons who will be voting from the diaspora branches of the party.
The spokesperson furthermore stated that both the proxy and TESCON lists are questionable since most persons cannot be identified properly.
Mr Afriyie said surprisingly some constituencies do not have full list of their executives who would be voting.
He also noted that some regions of the NPP do not have their full compliment of executives including those to be appointed to make it  complete.
The Spokesperson said as at Monday the various candidates could not tell how many persons would be voting from the overseas branches of the NPP as well as those who will be voting via the proxy route.
“These issues needed responses and resolutions before Friday so that the elections could be conducted in a much transparent manner and one that would be acceptable by candidates vying for positions at the national level”, Mr Afriyie intimated.
Mr Afriyie therefore appealed to the Elections Committee to apply some speed to the issues coming up before the polls.
This, he noted would exude confidence in their ability to oversee a transparent and clean polls on July 16.
Stakes, the spokesperson said were high in the upcoming elections and prayed that nothing was done to make any candidate feel he or she was unfairly treated at the polls.
“The NPP stands at crossroads at the moment and needed a clean national polls to tell the Ghanaian people that despite the difficulties they were facing the party was resolved to use the democratic path to resolve issues and to work to restore confidence in the people”, the spokesperson stated.

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