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Sack Amoako Atta For Causing Financial Loss To The State Or Resign As President-Nana Addo Told



Stephen Kwaku Saahene, National Organizer of one of the opposition political parties in Ghana, United Progressive Party (UPP) is calling for the sacking and the prosecution of Roads and Highways Minister, Kwasi Amoako Atta, for arbitrarily causing financial loss to the state.

According to him, the cancellation of the road tolls in the country and it reintroduction does not make sense hence the sector minister must be arrested and put before court and pay all the monies that has been lost since it cancellation.

In November last year the Roads Minister, without parliamentary approval, announced the cancellation of road tolls across the various toll booths in the country.

This was after the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta announced scrapping of payment of road tolls in the 2022 budget.

This arbitrary decision of the Minister, which has led to Ghana losing revenue, Kwaku Saahene believes, is tantamount to causing financial loss to the state, adding he is surprised Mr Amoako Atta is walking freely and still holds his position.

“We are in this country, where the Roads and Highways Minister on his own has taken off road tolls and the man is walking free. If you send him to court now , a judgement will come that he has done no wrong”, he said to yesterday.

‘’He has waived a tax that was bringing in revenue, but it is only parliament that has that right, and this man has done that and is walking scot-free. So this is how we find ourselves in this country,

I’m challenging the President to sack him or resign as President, Period.






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