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Ghanaians wouldn’t forgive you if you fail to win election 2024-NDC told


Mr. Agbenya Precious, a  political analyst and activist has cautioned the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) against complacency  towards the upcoming 2024 presidential and parliamentary general elections.

According to him ,the Ghanaian electorates may not forgive the opposition NDC’s failure to rescue the political power from the governing New Patriotic Party for individual parochial interest within the opposition NDC party.

Mr. Agbenya was of the view that, considering the economic hardship the ordinary Ghanaian electorates are going through, there is a clear indications that ,the ordinary Ghanaians wants the NDC to take the political power come 2024.

He cautioned the rank and files of the NDC to guide against complacency base on their numbers in the current parliament, for anything could be possible in politics.
He stressed that, this is the time everyone in the party to guide against internal  bitterness especially at the branch level to enable the  win the upcoming general elections convincingly to bring change and new hope into the political landscape.
He was of the view that, it is time for hardworking and committed members to go out there and contest for the various positions at the branch level in order to have a formidable team towards winning the next elections.
He stated that, should the wins the next elections , there is the need from the branch to the national level to bury their differences for a common goal in wining the power political power to bring back hope to the disappointed electorates.

He disclosed that, working together with the sole aim to rescue the country from the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) would be formidable and mere formality with the former President John Dramani Manama as their flagbearer,  when remains united from branches to the National levels.

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