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Public Services Commission Recommendation Letters Leaked to Media, Board Chairman of NDA Accused



Sources at the Northern Development Authority (NDA) has revealed that Dr. Hakeem Ahmed Wemah, Board Chairman of the Authority kept secret of the recommendations made by the Public Services Commission after they conducted job interview with Dr. Sulemana Alhassan Anamzoya, the outgone CEO of NDA, and one other person but managed to make the recommendation letters public after ousting the former CEO from office.

The Board Chairman, Dr. Wemah according to the source failed to table the recommendations of the Commission to the former CEO for reasons best known to him.

The recommendations was meant to be discussed at the board meetings for onward decisions to taken on the interviewee’s (Dr. Anamzoya and the Deputy CEO of the Northern Development Authority, Mr Patrick Seidu) after their interview with the Commission.

On the 13th and 14th October 2020, the Commission in consultation with the governing board of NDA interviewed the two candidates who were recommended for appointment to the positions, the Commission after the interview made their recommendations to the Authority Board Chairman for open discussion, but he reluctantly failed to revealed to reveal the content of the recommendations. The source said.

According to the source, the recommendations was yesterday Thursday shared on social media for obvious reasons after the former CEO has been dismissed.

The board Chairman, Dr. Wemah has since been accused of blessing the sharing of the recommendations letter’s to the mainstream media and on social media. Adding that sharing of the letters to the public amounts to disrespect to the Public Services Commission and an attempt to deform the former CEO reputation.

*Below are some of the critical questions the source dared Dr. Hakeem Ahmed Wemah to answer*

1. the recommendations made by the Public Services Commission were for the CEO. The Board Chairman never disclosed these recommendations to the CEO after the interview (about six months ago). Why?

2. The Recommendations were to be tabled before the board and be discussed and a decision taken. This never happened. Why? Meanwhile there were two board meetings after the interview before the boards were dissolved.

3. The Board Chairman was supposed to resubmit the CEO for another interview (which is very normal). He never discussed the recommendations with with CEO not to talk about he telling him that he, the CEO was to be resubmitted. Why?
4. The board Chairman was supposed to write back to the Public Services Commission to explain how he has implemented the recommendations and then resubmit the CEO to the PSC. This never happened. Why?

The Board Chairman was part of the panel that interviewed the CEO. Yet he chose to use the media to publicize the recommendations. Why?

All attention should be focused on the Board Chairman and all questions should be directed to him. Putting the recommendations out in the media when he hasn’t implemented even one of them raises serious moral and professional questions. It shows the treacherous and malicious nature of the board Chairman. And the President would be very upset to know this. The Public Services Commsision would be more upset to see their recommendations are totally ignored and rather put out there in the social media.

Article 195 of the 1992 Constitution is totally disregarded!

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