Sam George accuses Majority of deliberately delaying anti-gay bill



The proponents of the Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values bill, also known as the Anti-LGBT bill, ar livid over Parliament’s inability to take up the bill at its consideration stage today.

The bill seeks to proscribe LGBTQ+ and related activities, prescribe propaganda or advocacy for or promotion of LGBTQ+ and related activities, and provide for the protection of and support for children and persons who are victims or accused of LGBTQ+ and related activities.

Although the bill was expected to be taken today, the house was unable to do so due to the absence of the Chairman of the Constitutional Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee, Kwame Ayimadu-Antwi.

Speaking to journalists, the lead proponent, Samuel Nartey George, alleged that deliberate attempts are being made by the majority caucus to stall the bill.

“Since 8:00 am this morning, we have been calling the chairman of the committee, and he has refused to pick up the call or return the call. Those who have gone and gotten influenced by persons who have an interest in LGBTQ+ should return whatever influence they have collected. Because we will fight. The next time we address the media, I will mention names. I have been pressed upon today by my co-sponsors not to. It is out of respect that I’m not mentioning names.”

“But if they continue with this behaviour of frustrating the bill, how can this bill be in Parliament for almost three years? This is a calculated attempt to disgrace and undermine the authority of the speaker, Alban Bagbin, and we will not accept it,” he said.

He warned to expose persons behind the delaying of the passage of the bill.

“Ghanaians should take note, Christian community, National House of Chiefs, CSOs should take note of the actions of persons in this house who want to slow down the bill. Those who think they can stand in its way, we will crash you,” the MP warned.

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