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Say bye-bye to body and mouth odor with the help of these tips


These two can really lead to embarrassing moments of your life. Good hygiene is very important and as humans we have to take good care of it. Some people don’t even know about it but someone who really cares about you would let you know.

Kindly read on, as I take you through some ways in which you can avoid bad odor from these two places.

*Body odor:

With this, it happens as a result of sweat. Some people do not really pay attention to their bodies but they should.

1. Apply some lime under your armpit for some few minutes and then you can even dip some in your bathing water.

2. Wash your clothes very often, especially the pit and the neck areas, and do not pile them up. This must also include your towel.

3. Take into consideration the attires you wear. You must wear something breathable, where fresh air can pass, instead of keeping that place shut for hours and then releasing it for air.

Mouth odor:

Concerning the mouth odor, sometimes it is due to the fact that you don’t frequently brush twice a day, neither do you floss after eating. Without realizing it, there are some bacteria that chews off the food particles left in your mouth, and then leads to tooth decay and a very foul smell.

1. says “oranges not only make for a healthy dessert, but they also promote dental hygiene. Research shows that Vitamin C helps increase saliva production, which can help eliminate bad breath”.

2. You can also opt for the visitation of dentist for checkups, once every two weeks, to ensure that you don’t have any dental hygiene problem before it gets out of hand.

3. We all know that the most common one is gum. This gets rid of unwanted particles in your mouth and leaves it with a fresh breath. The appropriate ones to use are the minty ones. It really helps.

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