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Say No To Religious Intolerance-COKA Writes



Christianity, traditional and Islam are the three major religions in Ghana. For that reason, the 1992 constitution guarantees religious tolerance and freedom. Today, there are inter-religious marriages all across the country.

Hon. Haruna ldrissu (MP), Sule Muntari (footballer), Kalsoume Sinare( actress) and others are all muslims married to christians.

And by religious tolerance, we appreciate spiritual values, beliefs and practices which are different from ours.
It was a great move when the National Chief Imam visited a church and also made a donation to support the building of the national cathedral.

Not only that many pastors, Priest etc have all paid visits to his office to share ideas together for the development of this country. Isn’t it awesome!!!!! His visit and donation to the Cathedral didn’t change his beliefs and principles. This is a sign of religious tolerance which we all need to learn.

When l hear people talk about who to lead and involve beliefs, tribe, faith and the likes which are not only disturbing but divisive l get worried because the above cannot put food on our table or money in our pocket. Those who have nothing to offer will always want to divide us with the above but let’s SAY NO TO RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE. Religion should not be a reason to reject or accept someone.

I strongly believe that NPP members and the people of this country want us to elect someone who will lead and govern this country to our satisfaction. Are we looking for a pastor, lmam or a traditional leader?
I ask, when a christian is selected will all our problems be resolved?
A research done by CCD afrobarometer shows that more than 9 out of 10 Ghanaians will not mind having people of different faith as neighbors. We are not interested in any religious tribal politics so let us respect each other’s faith. This religion’s fantasy and fanaticism shouldn’t even be tolerated.
Whoever made that public statement, calling for a christian to lead as president, should as a matter of respect to all religious bodies in the country, not only Islam, apologize. Such divisive, “useless” and unnecessary comments must not be entertained as they have the tendency to cause enmity among the religious groups in the country.
Coka, l care

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