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Sekyere Kumawu DCE Inducted As Development Initiative Council Member By World Diplomatic Federation 

Hon.Samuel Addai Agyekum, District Chief Executive for Sekyere Kumawu District in the Ashanti region has been Inducted as Development Initiative Council Member by World Diplomatic Federation in Ghana.
He is among the other fourteen members inducted yesterday at the Accra International Conference Centre by the executives of WODIF to use diplomacy subject to negotiation , networking , lobby and initiate to ensure the nation to which they belong, enjoy peace devoid of conflict , in the civil organazion for the next four years.
Other inducted members included,Nana Obokomatta ix,CEO of Obokom empire who is the state commissioner of Ghana (WODIF),Nana Obeng Nuako III,Dunkwamanhene,Dr.Okoe Vanderpuije,former Accra Mayor and incumbent MP for Ablekuma south,Hon.Samuel Adu Gyamfi,MCE- Aowin Municipal,Mr.Evans Kofi Kwafo ,Dr.Grace Boadu of gracegift herbal clinic,Mrs.Kate Kweitey-Papafio,CEO of Reroy cables , among others.
World Diplomatic Federation is a nonpartisan independent civil organization dedicated to international cooperation hitherto founded to create a diplomatic platform for economic growth and development through forums, conferences, dialogues, festivals, honorary award ceremonies, trade integration, cooperation, and liberalization, managing international relations hence sustaining peace and security and as well managing, negotiating and resolving conflict.
WODIF is subject to projecting, promoting, and strengthening democracy, albeit to subverting dictatorship rule among nations;  in accordance or conformity to rules and regulations about the United Nations and other international related organizations’ core values by individuals who presence raise honor to deal with world affairs.
Speaking at the event yesterday at the Accra International conference center,
 Dr. Christian Kwetey Kweitsu, chancellor of the federation in Ghana noted that the  world of today  is saddled with a lot of challenges.
Adding that,to summoned  such challenges, It behooves all and sundry to use their collective abilities, support, intelligence to help alleviate the effects these challenges have on individual lives of the world.
“We must understand that world leaders alone cannot solve problems facing the world.For this reason, the world Diplomatic Federation is a non – governmental organization constituted to help in minimising if not eliminating crises facing vulnerable individuals, communities, and countries struggling to survive.
He said,the WORLD DIPLOMATIC FEDERATION brings together the NOBLE, RICH & WORTHY BUSINESS MOGULS, PHILANTHROPISTS, TECHNOCRATS, TRADITIONAL RULERS, DIPLOMATS, and PROFESSIONALS who will combine their expertise and resources to undertake projects and programs that will impact lives.
According to him,the organization has platforms to bring together such great men and women to find practicable solutions to mitigate the world’s problems.
“The purpose of our gathering tonight is to give honorary membership that will empower these noble individuals to put their talents and resources at the disposal of WODIF for the benefit of all.
The world diplomatic federation believes in the Globalization and Localization of associations that support and connect members to the international community for business opportunities across the globe.WODIF has initiated programs, resources, and events that are meant to help our members well.
WODIF creates and supports initiatives that advance localization and globalization.
WODIF urges members to be proactive and down to supporting the fundamental stage of the organization in Ghana and Nigeria.
 I would want to urge WODIF members look beyond their personal prospects but the corporate well being of the organization, and their beloved countries of origin.He maintained.
” I have the opportunity to borrow from our President, “Fellow Ghanaians,” and my colleagues in the Press Corps, it is indeed a great honor and privilege to be chosen as the Chairman of this historic occasion.
I believe that, a new chapter has been opened today in the annals of this great
country of ours. In times like these, we really need a deliverer to assist us through these trial times both politically, economically and socially.
In this political era, we are seeing a lot of things which aren’t helping our youth and the country as a whole. May I have the opportunity to give some thematic areas
we must assist. The first and the most important is our own media houses. It has been observed that, some of us aren’t going by our journalistic ethics. All that they know is to fabricate stories about people with pseudonyms and as soon as another hears it, he also picks without finding out the truth and it keeps on circulating, leaving pain and agony to families. How do we curb this? What saddens me most is, entertaining insults and vulgar languages on our airwaves. My own colleagues, some of our Presenters are also performing excellently and they need to be
I would therefore even propose that, this Organisation will collaborate with the Ghana Journalist Association to award Journalist and even propose a well conducted Media Personality Award with a Scholarship to encourage them to continue excelling in their various fields.
Also, let me use this opportunity to appeal to the GJA to institutionalize the
Association so that we can correct or sanction recalcitrant Media people who flouts the rules.
Another is the behavior of some of our Honorable politicians. Most of them conduct themselves excellently but the few ones who are even part of the youth brings that honorable house into disrepute. I also support those who condemned the act in parliament at the night of the election of the Speaker.
 It is very unfortunate and it is not something that must be repeated.
I will also reiterate that, some activities of our Members of Parliament has
generated a bad behavior on our streets that causes accidents and a lot of inconveniences. That is, the use of sirens on our roads.
Fellow Ghanaians, you will
all bear with me that, it has now become a norm that, every V8 Vehicle has a siren
in it and as such doesn’t conform to traffic regulations. I want to state emphatically that, it is only emergency cars that are authorized to use sirens. In view of the abuse, even people doesn’t regard emergency vehicles anymore which is very detrimental and dangerous. I will plead that, our Honorable members must deploy means of curbing this situation for our own good.
I learnt, as part of the activities of this Federation, you are to support the World
economy in various forms. Since Networking is one of your priorities, I would advise that, you keep it strong to help Ghanaian Businesses to get more exposure and  cooperation.
You also support World Peace and Security, so we would like to see more on that by affiliating to Peace and Security Institutions both in Ghana and abroad to
trumpet and coach the ordinary people to create a peaceful and congenial
environment for us to live in.
Moreover, I can’t mention all your activities but will also plead that, your Grants and offerings are seen and experienced in this country to enable us feel your real presence as a known and remarkable Federation.”He concluded.

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