Solidarity for Humanity International:National Road Safety Authority collaborates for Breast cancer awareness, road safety advocacy in Ghana



Solidarity for Humanity International (SOHI), a None-Governmental organization and the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) has collaborated to champion Road Safety campaign and Breast cancer awareness in the country.

The two organizations have since conducted impactful activities in their efforts to sensitize Ghanaian women about the importance of breast screening, road safety measures and unearth critical issues that affect countless lives in the community.

Addressing Journalists prior to the organizations activities, the Programmes Manager of Solidarity for Humanity International, Mr. Emmanuel Mensah said it’s important to help in promoting breast free cancer, regular screening and constant examination of the breast.

“This year, our innovative campaign is in two session and it would be running concurrently and aimed at effecting changes in the Ghanaian society, we have merge breast cancer awareness campaign, road safety advocacy and its related activities

Recognizing the interconnectedness of health and safety in our lives, this partnership is also geared to create a comprehensive approach to women well-being and their empowerment”. He said.

According to him, one glaring issue in Ghana is the gender disparity in road accidents, with men disproportionately largely affected.

The consequences, according to him is dire and imposes burden to married women as they’ll become the sole bread winners of their families aftermath of road carnage.

“This stark inequity underscores the need for increased awareness about road safety, responsible driving, and adherence to traffic rules. The collaboration between SOHI and NRSA has sought to empower Ghanaian women to take control of their health and play a significant role in ensuring the safety and well-being of their communities”.

Mr. Emmanuel said the two organizations intend to use the main stream media such as radio and television to intensify the advocacy of road safety and the breast cancer awareness.

“We have had a market sensitization programs which offered us direct opportunity to speak and educate traders, through these campaigns, leadership of both organizations inspired market women and men on cultural shift, how Ghanaian women should go beyond their perceive roles in the society and the need to be vigilant about their health and safety”.

He further revealed that the organization would in 2024 introduce a new initiative dubbed ‘Road Watch Project’, which seeks to comprehensively enhance road safety in Ghana in a different dimension.

“The project will play a pivotal role in making Ghana’s roads safer and communities more secure. Together, we aim to build a brighter future for all in Ghana. Through education, advocacy, and awareness-raising, we move one step closer to a world where the burden of responsibility is shared, and safety and health are paramount for all in Ghana”. He added.

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