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Sophia Akuffo has changed the face of our democracy by picketing – Martin Kpebu



The convener of the Individual Bond Holders Association of Ghana (IBHAG) has commended former Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo for participating in the Debt Exchange Programme protest.

Martin Kpebu says the action of the former Chief Justice shows her love for the public good.

According to him, Ghana will become a better country if more statesmen and women speak up against the ills of the country.

Speaking in an interview on Citi FM on Saturday, February 11, Mr Kpebu hailed Sophia Akuffo for her bravery.

“I was surprised to see the former CJ join the pensioners yesterday. I always knew that she had that public spirit, but I did not know she could express it in this form. And it is good that she did.

In fact, she has broken a glass ceiling. All along people who find themselves in certain positions seemed to be barred from coming to certain conversations. But her action has broken that glass ceiling. It is highly commendable.”

Mr Kpebu added that her action makes her the Yaa Asantewaa of the current generation.

He thus admonished the younger generation to take a cue and contribute their quota for the good of the country.

“In fact, she has changed the face of our democracy, because if our former Chief Justice protests against government that is super. God bless her for it.

“I call her the Yaa Asantewaa of our time. We need more people to speak. She has strengthened and changed the face of our democracy. She has spoken truth to power,” he added.

The former Chief Justice, Sophia Akuffo on Friday, February 10, criticised the government for the current economic situation.

According to her, the government has failed to be transparent to Ghanaians regarding the current predicament.

She made this known when she joined the Pensioner Bondholders Forum to picket the Finance Ministry over the inclusion of their investments in the Debt Exchange Programme.

The stateswoman said the move is unacceptable and cannot be forced on investors.

“Why are we in the mess? Nobody has fully explained to us, yes we took debt, what was it used for? And where is the accountability? Exactly what was it used for?

“You are not telling us about how you are going to be able to make things better but just that ‘help me and I help you’, no, you help yourself first, let me see you doing something serious because we have seen these sorts of things too many times.

“I am over 70 years now, I am no longer government employee, my mouth has been ungagged, and I am talking, and I am saying that we have failed, and it is important that the elderly should be respected.”

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