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Spare Nana Jantuah Because We’ve Better Things To Think About-Brainless  Politicians Told

“In fact all those bashing Nana Jantuah here and there for the alleged $2,000 given him to push the NDC agenda, what is ur problem?
So if the NPP had given him same would u have made this same noise?
 Massa! We have better things to think about oo.
If someone in opposition has seen that the guy can push his agenda for him and he has chosen to reward him, what stops u, who is in power from doing same? Mind u, in the alleged tape, Nana Jantuah was not said to have charged anyone for that amount oo.
 He was rewarded. Ain’t u ashamed coming here to rant? What crime has the man committed?
Has ur party’s $2,000 gotten missing?
With all the powers at ur disposal and u can’t set agenda, why do u come and cry whiles someone in opposition is seizing the opportunity to do it? Please give us a break!
If u are not able to identify ur own and reward them and someone has chosen to do it, better stop making noise and let us have peace.
Do u think this is what Ghanaians wanna hear?
If u care to know, Ghanaian wanna wake up to hear the cedi has appreciated against the dollar, they wanna hear that their roads have been constructed, they wanna hear that those of ur people destroying their forests and water bodies through activities of galamsey have been stopped or arrested, they wanna hear that more jobs have been created for the unemployed.
The noise u are making now will not help u break the 8 in anyway. Better focus on solving the economic hardship which will win u power in 2024.
If Nana Jantuah sits on radio and talk about the cedi depreciating and issues of galamsey, are they not happening? Has he lied? Massa! Spare us the noise cos wei 3nk) hweeeeeee.
If u are worried too, then the best is boycott his program na what u are doing is even disgusting.
“These were simple questions Nhyiraba Oderfour Qwasi  Kay,Ashh FM morning show host is asking those senseless, brainless and stomach -direction  politicians who believe have all the wisdom and sense to criticize on his Facebook page today.

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