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Stop the abuse of rights of citizens-Radical Intellectuals For NDC to Police



“Our attention has been brought to a trending issue over the abuse of the rights of citizens by the Ghana police service on harmless demonstrators.

We state categorically that, the rights to demonstrate as stated under chapter five of the 1992 constitution of Ghana is a basic right, therefore the unlawful arrest of lawful demonstrators is against the spirit of the 1992 Constitution.

We entreat the Ghana Police Service to immediately stop the abuse of the rights of citizens to demonstrate.

It is shameful and unacceptable that up till now, 2023 officers of the Ghana Police Service would be acting as usual, very unprofessional and mean in discharge of their duties of mainly protecting lives, maintaining law and order, however, barbaric policing methods to counter the peaceful protestors who were only demonstrating their lawful and constitutionally guaranteed right,” as enshrined in the 1992 constitution of Ghana.

We condemn the conduct of the police and entreat them to upgrade and learn modern ways of policing.

Such unprofessional policing over the years has contributed massively to the blur reputation of the Ghana police service.

“We condemn in no uncertain terms the police officers’ irresponsible and inhumane molestation on the unarmed peaceful protestors. For a service that has been badly and widely criticized for its partisan policing methods in recent years and for which a parliamentary probe is currently ongoing, the 16th-century style of unprofessional and ruthlessness unleashed by them on the peaceful protesters in Accra yesterday further diminishes the reputation of the Ghana Police Service.”this was said by
Mike Lamptey, President, RADICAL INTELLECTUALS FOR NDC in a statement copied to

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