NDC expresses worry over peace council’s silence on the limited registration brouhaha



Mr. Mathew Kojo Njourkone, Ashanti regional Director of Inter Party and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) has expressed concern over Peace Council’s continues calmness on the Limited voter’s registration brouhaha towards peaceful elections come 2024 presidential and parliamentary elections.
According to him, the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) and other political parties in the country raised concerns over the Electoral Commission’s (EC) decision to limit the voter’s registration centers only at their district offices as a worry and must be a concern to every well meaning Ghanaians having the peaceful coexistence we are enjoying as a country.
Speaking at the Ghana Peace Council symposium in Kumasi last Thursday, the NDC Director of Inter party and Civil Society Organizations, stressed that, considering political tension in the country before during and after every electioneering period and the EC continues to rejecting every input and suggestion by political parties except the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) must be a cause to worry by every stakeholders especially the peaceful council.
According to him, the NDC and the other political parties are surprise about the conduct of the peaceful remaining mute since the EC decided to limit the voter’s registration centers solely at their district offices, which could discouraged most of the newly potential voters who turned 18 years and above.
He indicated that, the EC halted the exercise for the past three years and for that matter, possibility is that, the number of newly entrance into the voter’s registration could be huge and as a political parties and stakeholders in the process, believe that limiting the exercise to their district offices would not help the young ones.
He lamented that, should the peaceful council which is to ensure that, the country uphold the peaceful coexistence among the citizenry remains quiet on the issue and anything untoward happen in the 2024 elections, they would have themselves to be blame, which nobody would be happy about.
He reminded the peaceful council what happened in the 2020 general elections when about eight (8) people were killed in Techiman South because of parliamentary seat, yet the President of the republic did not say a word to the families of the deceased in the unfortunate incident.
He is of the view that, if the country would come out of the 2024 general elections peaceful must start from now while the various stakeholders and institutions play their mandates as expected.

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