Take Their TVs, Fridges and Vote Against Them- NPP Chairman Tells Delegates



The Second Vice Chairman for Suame Constituency of New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr Richard Akwasi Asante, has urged delegates not to reject any equipment and money to be given by the parliamentary aspirants.

According to him, delegates should collect any item to be donated tomorrow by the aspirants and vote for the candidates who can win 2024 parliamentary elections

Mr Asante, who was speaking in an interview, disclosed that some parliamentary aspirants in governments have stolen taxes paid by them to purchase such equipment.

According to him, some aspirants have even decided to curse delegates before handing such items to them before voting.

Mr Asante disclosed that delegates should not be fearful of such threats since the money constitutes part of their taxes hence no curse could operate on them.

He described it as dangerous and unwise to collect fridges and television to vote for people, who have no credibility and capacity to effectively represent them in parliament.

“If they even share gold to you, collect them in good faith and vote against them because only the mad man can sell his conscience” Mr Asante stated.

Mr Asante reminded delegates to vote for candidates who are appealing to the electorates since Ghana doesn’t need a “hang parliament” anymore.

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