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Telecast Thursday’s IPAC Meeting With Eminent Advisory Committee Live On National TV-EC Told

Coalition of CSOs for good governance has called on the Electoral commission of Ghana to telecast live of Thursday’s IPAC meeting with Eminent Advisory Committee on national television. According to them,for the past few weeks the Country has been embroiled with heated controversy about the Electoral Commission’s decision to compile a new Voters Register. “Our airwaves have been filled with various accounts either in support of a new register or against the new register and the good people of Ghana have been left at the mercy of these confusing arguments from both sides.  Whiles we welcome the decision by the Eminent Advisory Committee of the Electoral Commission to meet the various Parties  and to listen to their sides of the story, it is important  that we recommend that such meetings are telecasted live on National TV and Radio for the full understanding of the facts by the people of Ghana.”They Stated. In a statement copied to signed by Mensah Thompson, Executive Director of ASEPA said,the E.C must adopt this measure to ensure that the usual trend where Parties come out of IPAC meetings and give their own accounts of proceedings which mostly leave a lot people including the media confused about the exact proceedings at such meetings would be avoided in this particular instance because the facts would unravel before the eyes of the public in real time uncensored. “We believe this is the only way to carry the people along in this conversation and to ensure utmost transparency in the process and also to ensure that whatever action the Electoral Commission decides to undertake afterwards would recieve the full support of the people and stakeholders once they are convinced”. He Foster

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