Teshie Homowo: Hon Benjamin Narteh Ayiku to Join Exciting Sese Bumɔ Kpaashimɔ



In an eagerly anticipated event, Hon Benjamin Narteh Ayiku, the Member of Parliament for Ledzokuku, is set to participate in the highly anticipated Sese Bumɔ kpaashimɔ, the climax of the 2023 Teshie Homowo festival. Hon Ayiku, who has been a key financial supporter of various activities during the festival, will be joined by fellow Members of Parliament and NDC stakeholders from the constituency.

The Sese Bumɔ, scheduled for Saturday, promises to be a thrilling spectacle as various kpaashimɔ groups, categorized into flags and non-flags (go come), compete for the MP’s participation. The flags category includes renowned groups such as Kɔɔle Wɔko, Mind You, Ananse, Tafo Yɛfɛo, Ghana, Six, Greece, and Jah Labour. On the other hand, the go come group comprises Teshie Port, Kotoku, Kawasaki, 1 Pillar, 50 cent, Oofite, Camp2 golongolo, Ganga Raster, and Rebo.

With all the groups vying for the MP’s involvement, residents of Teshie are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the group he will join for the Sese Bumɔ. The atmosphere is filled with excitement and anticipation as the festival reaches its climax.

Hon Benjamin Narteh Ayiku’s active participation in financing the various activities of the 2023 Teshie Homowo festival has endeared him to the community. His support, coupled with the presence of other Members of Parliament and NDC stakeholders, is expected to further enhance the festival’s significance and cultural importance.

The 2023 Teshie Homowo festival has been a celebration of the rich cultural heritage and traditions of the people of Teshie. The festival has showcased various events, including traditional dances, music performances, and exhibitions, all aimed at promoting unity and fostering community development.

As the Sese Bumɔ approaches, Teshie residents and festival-goers are eagerly looking forward to witnessing Hon Benjamin Narteh Ayiku’s participation and the electrifying performances by the kpaashimɔ groups. The festival promises to be a memorable and exciting experience for all attendees.

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